The importance of georeferencing

So why is it important to geographical locate your model there for your rendering images as well? The sun position is different in the UK from Australia or South Africa, so it affects the light and it’s impact on your garden. In the images I give as an example of different locations and timezones all at the same hour, in the same day in the same month, in these case 15th of August at 10am. Some diferences can be subtle but they do have an impact.

South Africa

Other element really important is to make sure your coordinates are correct, specially if you want to show your client the shadows positions and how the architectural elements will impact the outdoor spaces.


💡TIP OF THE DAY: The georeferencing if your rendering images can be used as a marketing tool when explain the benefits to your client. Being able to visualize the shadows and sun positions in different times of day and year it’s a great tool for some of the design decisions.

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