Giving a sense of scale to your renderings

It’s really important when you think about renderings, not only the angles of your images, but use 5 to 7 images to give a sense of scale. So the easiest way to achieve this is to use people in your renderings. I use 3d silhouettes black with transparency at 45 % but you can use 3d people in different situations even animate there movements if you doing an animation for example.

For me the most important situations that you need to use people to give a sense of scale to your client is in the social areas of you garden. Outdoor kitchens and social areas like the area with outdoor sofas can be sometimes misjudged in there trough size if you don’t any measurements or any point of reference.

I personally like use the transparency option because your still giving more importance to the garden and your design options people are there just as a tool and not to get your attention. Saying that if for example you making a commercial project maybe how people use the space is central to the all concept so maybe you need to give more focus to them. Each situation may require a different approach but always use a reference for your client to have a sense of scale just by looking to the images of your project.

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