Changing seasons in the garden

how to create great renderings3 (2)

Giving a sense of seasonality to your project can be important specially if your project is flower rich. Showing your client a more tamed, in terms of colours, of your project can be helpful to make sure he knows what to do expect in the off season, wich by the way can as beautiful as high season.

Don’t forget to not only to show the change of the season as well the changes in light during the year.

💡TIP OF THE DAY: when choosing the time of day to render your images I always prefer dawn or sunset, the light is amazing with orange or pink tones that look incredible and much more flattering to your images. The midday light is very “hard”, what I normally do is have an animation of the change of light and shadows during the day in specific areas of the project like social areas for example.

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