Using renderings to create a lifestyle dream

Renderings are not only a way to show your ideas and project proposals, the images can project different lifestyle aspirations that you getter for the informal conversations you have with your client.

When working with private clients, being a garden designer or landscape architect, the every day living of the garden needs to be throughly understood. Show some small details in your renderings being by placing a book or magazine in the right place or maybe creating an yoga area shows that you understand your clients needs as well as it makes for great rendering images.

Don’t overdo it, create that “sweet spot” with maybe a maximum of 3 lifestyle queues in each rendered image. Things like coffee mugs, food plates, magazines, books, iPad, mobile phones, weights etc.

Understanding your client needs or even suggesting a new way to use their outdoor space is the most important role of a garden designer or landscaper. Not only you should design a space that’s is visually stunning and through the year interesting but your are designing a space to live. More and more people are using the outdoor space as an extension of their living room and kitchens.

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💡Tip: Use only two to three lifestyle objects in each rendered image. Much more in start to take over from the design choices you trying to show to the client.

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