What type of plants you should add to your Lumion Pro library?

The 3D Warehouse from SketchUp has amazing plant models you can add to your import library inside Lumion Pro 9, and customize your own collections inside the library of imported models. I did this video to explain what type of plants I think you should add to Lumion and why especially you if thinking of doing animations.

With the help of the 3D Warehouse from SketchUp and other platforms like Design Connected, for example, you can enrich a lot your libraries inside Lumion.

Regarding the plants pay close attention to the quality of the texture if it realistic and good quality.

Learn to create a great ambience for your renderings with my course renderings Your Clients Dream Garden at https://lnkd.in/d7mQqpv. I will update the online course with the new elements introduced in version 9 of Lumion.

Lumion is an amazing program, but you can’t build inside Lumion, you can add, import, modify textures and materials but you can’t build. That’s why you always need programs like SketchUp or Revit to build your projects. I’ve a SketchUp online course especially for landscapers and garden designers as well.
Online courses: https://lnkd.in/gnJ-wX2

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Check out my online course Rendering Your Clients Dream Garden.

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