TOP 5 Why 3D renderings are important!

Check out my video about TOP 5 Reasons you should improve your 3D renderings;
1st: Visualize from 2D to 3D
2nd: Textures, structures and colours of plants
3rd: Georeferencing, visualize sun and shadow
4th: Realistic materials
5th: Using real furniture

These are the most important reasons why you should really invest in great 3D renderings, it doesn’t matter the software you use just make you become a “master” at it. Why do I prefer Lumion? Because not only as a great final quality in terms of renderings the company behind it keeps working really hard in developing the best software but more importantly real-time modelling in Lumion is really fun. Watching your project came to life it’s a great feeling that makes work more fun.

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