More FREE Plants for your Lumion library

Working as garden designers or landscaper plants are the main element of focus after the design, and the more the merrier so you can have a more diversify library in your Lumion Pro.

There are a few websites with 3D plants you can purchase and use them in Lumion, they are not going to be animated do. But they work fine for rendering images, the option I use the most os the 3D Warehouse from SketchUp. Just be careful to download 3d good quality and low polygon models. The low polygon is important for the workflow speed, the heavier your model becomes working in it in Lumion is going to become slower.

Check out the images below the 3 plants you see are from the 3D Warehouse the others are from the Lumion PRO 9 library.

In this video, I show you how to get a good plant material and for free!

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  1. Charles Earl says:

    Hello GardenDesignTools,
    Thank-you for the helpful tools and insight into using lumion. I am a landscape architect based in the United States and was interested in additional content related adding aftermarket Trees/tree libraries, like speedtree to lumion, do you have experience with this? Ive been using an older version of lumion (6 pro) and it looks like it’s time to take advantage of the latest update. I am curious if you have ever offered Zoom consultations for other professionals? Thanks, Charles


    1. Hi, sorry about the delay getting back to you! I haven’t try Speedtree but I will definitely! I tried others like Maxtree and love the results, I actually did a video about on the youtube channel if you want to check it out. The zoom consultations are something that I would like to add, haven’t done it so far but you could be the first:-)! Let me know the type of questions that you think I could help you with my email is👍


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