6 Tips & Tricks for Amazing Renderings

6 Tips and tricks to create amazing renderings you can use to promote your garden design ideas in all the social networks.

Tip 1: Play around with the focal length and don’t overdo the wide angle.

Tip 2: Use real textures materials. Websites like poliigon.com, textures.com, 3dtextures.me and texturehaven.com.

Tip 3: Choose the right time of the day, sunrise and sunset are really the most flattering time in terms of lighting. Use these times of the day to create renderings to use in your website, social networks and ambience images.

Tip 4: In programs like Lumion, VRay or Twinmotion use real skies for a background. I would not use a real sky image if you doing some renderings straight from SketchUp, all the other software programs I suggest a good realistic hdr sky image

Tip 5: Whenever you can use artificial light to complement your rendering. Light spots focusing on some of the plantings and some lanterns or outdoor lamps can enrich your final image.

real focal lenght__5 - Photo
without post-production
real focal lenght__5 - Photo-02
with post-production

Tip 6: 3 Settings to pay attention in post-production, sharpening, saturation and structure. Desaturate slightly your renderings for a more realistic feel, and by sharpening the image and emphasise the structure you create a stronger final rendering.
Something I forgot in the video is HDR that I add as well slightly to my renderings

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