What’s new in SketchUp 2019.2 update?

The latest update for SketchUp 2019 is live, the 2019.2 update brings some interesting features after the underwhelm that was the launch of SketchUp 2019 (in my opinion) this latest update comes to prove some of the advantages of the new subscription method of pricing the software. More of this kind of updates are to be expected to provide an improved product to all the SketchUp users time after time. We’ve got some output enhancements as well as workflow and layout features, nothing that is going to really impress you but great little updates anyway.

All My Favorite ReIS IT WORTH ITcipes

In this video, I talk about some of the updates from SketchUp 2019.2 version, check out the release note below for all official release notes. If you are interested in our online course SketchUp Basics for Garden Designers visit the link https://gardendesigntools.thinkific.com/courses/sketchup-basics-for-garden-designers.

Release notes: https://help.sketchup.com/en/release-notes-0

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