Software options for garden designers and landscape architects, my opinion!

What’s the best software available for garden designers and landscape architects?
Have you have tried to google garden design software? Try and tell me what comes up, pretty bad hmmm? Specially ig you type Garden Design a lot of the options are for amateur gardeners and not a professional software that are going to help your business and workflow.

In this video, I give you my personal opinion for the best software bundles in the market and some are free, imagine that!

Bundles suggested:

Free: SketchUp online free version + photo editing or hand drawing

Low budget (but amazing results): SketchUp+Twinmotion free until November 2019

Average budget (my personal choice): SketchUp + Lumion PRO

In a perfect world (in the near future for me): Vectorworks Landmark + Lumion PRO + Photoshop

I will do a bigger presentation of Vectorworks Landmark, that I was told that as a subscription option as well now.

Link 3D Designer Artist EWELINA LEKKA

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Lumion 10 coming soon teaser 2

Lumion PC requirements Updated:

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