Lumion PRO 10 Demo from a SketchUp model

Last week I’ve chosen the Lumion Demo winner, the landscape architect Sara Peternel from @sara.peternel_landscapedesign. So this is her SketchUp model that I transformed using Lumion Pro 10 tools.

My objective with this small demo it’s to really show what Lumion can do specially for gardens. The vegetation possibilities together with the light specs in Lumion will take your projects to a completely new level. Renderings like this are not to substitute any stage of the design and creative process, they are a add on to your existing process.

The discussion that renderings are killing the creative process are normally made in my opinion by those who don’t know how to them and, if they even do, they don’t know how and at what stage to use them. And if you think a small to medium size garden design/landscape architecture studio is going to be able to only show rough hand drawings or collages when you working in the residential sector with private clients now or in the future you are going to possibly loose some business. It’s ok for implemented designers and architects to take this position but if you starting out or still have to prove your ideas, sell them the best way possible, programs like Lumion are an amazing tool, they don’t design for you, your creative ideas are there, but you know what, this is something else you going to have to learn. Customising the tools to show your values and your studio style is the answer not doing them it’s a risk.

Sara’s shared with me her project folder and she has nice hand drawings from the project that you can easily see her working out the concept of the garden, some first ideas for the space. The renderings are an add on, they don’t substitute any of the design stages.

Something to think about and maybe for 2020 invest in a new skill and learn how to create great renderings that show your design in the best light possible.


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