Creating immersive presentations for your design ideas

Working remotely and having to present your design ideas to your client can be a challenge if you normally have a more tradicional working method.

Programs like SketchUp, Lumion or Twinmotion can help you to create a more immersive experience to share with your clients without you having to be directly beside him for him to understand what he’s looking at. That’s the power of 3D visualisation when comparing with the more tradicional 2D plans.

This week I’ve published a YouTube video on creating that type of experience using Lumion PRO10, I will be doing one in Twinmotion as well and SketchUp.

While I know and understand the pressures that comes with the difficult and uncertainties of the present moment, there has never better tech tools in place then now. Programs and applications that mean you can keep working, adjusting to new realities and still thriving as a garden designer or landscape architecture.

You can use MyLumion to create an experience for your client that’s particularly useful when you have to work remotely.

Check out two the examples here:

Check out my online courses and bonus material here:




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