5 Suggestions to stay productive for Garden Designers

Working from home for some garden designers working freelance is already a reality. For others a challenge that needs to overcome. Adapting to new ways of working may be a challenge right now but at the same its an opportunity to improve and learn useful and productive skills that any other way you wouldn’t have the time to do it probably.

While design work is something you can do from your own home visit to gardens and the first clients meeting it’s still something that you can’t really do remotely. But while you need to stay at home I’ve got some suggestions to keep you productive, make the most of this period so you can come out of it feeling like not only you learned something but you’ve changed your business for the better. Because guess what? your competition it’s doing the same right now!

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1st Suggestion: Organize your office, and this includes your desktop folders. It’s a great opportunity to study how you can create a workflow in your projects more efficiently and organized. Methods of referencing your work, resources library, catalogues and products information etc. are just some of the elements you can organize so when you working everything flows better.

2nd Suggestion: How are your 3D modelling skills? Take this time to improve your skills or even better to take them to the next level with the amazing software available for 3D renderings. Take an older project that you are proud of and practice our skills working the other way around. What I mean is that you can try and create you garden design project in 3D. This not only is going, to help you achieve those skills to make your business better but in the end, you will have a set of rendering images that you can publish in your website together with the final images of the garden project.

3rd Suggestion: Improve the way you share your work with your client. How do you normally share your design ideas? Are there up to date with the new reality of working remotely? What can you do about it? This is something to think about, there are software tools and applications that can help you immensely and this may be the time to get to know them better.

4th Suggestion: What’s the concept of your garden design studio or what’s the message you are trying to get through your clients? Is it being done and can it be improved? Take this time to improve your atelier image across all platforms of social networks especially Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

5th Suggestion: Keep in touch with your clients. You can create video calls to make sure everything is alright with there gardens and if they need any help. If you want to go a set further way not starting your own YouTube channel? In this way not only you keep in touch with clients but you might get new ones in the future as well! A weekly video of garden design-related subjects could be an amazing thing to do for you and your business.

If you need help regarding 3D modelling and renderings specifically for garden designers and landscape architects check out my online courses at https://gardendesigntools.thinkific.com/. If you need any help in other areas like remote work presentations etc let me know by dm on Instagram!


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