Lumion Update: New Wood Materials and Objects in LUMION 9.5 PRO

Lumion 9.5 Pro is live!
In this video, I’m going to show a little bit of the wood textures and objects.

Release Notes:
New Features
Material Library

The new HD materials in Lumion 9.5 and Lumion 9.5 Pro include:

3 fine woods for interiors and exteriors
2 wood materials for cabins walls
16 wood floors
9 types of wood planks
4 types of worn wood planks
12 brick materials
3 types of medieval bricks
2 types of diamond steel floors
1 fabric wicker material
Model Library

For the new models, listed below, you can find some unlocked in the standard version of Lumion:

11 leafless trees
3 leafless shrubs
5 fir cones
16 logs
34 types of punk wood
15 tree stumps
26 twigs
25 potted plants

Changes & Resolved Errors
Build Mode

Reflection Effect: Reflection Planes are now placed correctly on surfaces in confined spaces (e.g. interiors).
Place item on nodes & Replace selection: Large numbers of trees & plants no longer result in pop-up error messages when using these functions.
Loading & saving

Merge Scene: Merging large numbers of trees & plants no longer results in pop-up messages.
Panorama Mode

MyLumion: Entering more than one email address no longer causes a crash.
Model Library

The Reflectivity Masks for Man_African_0004 and Man_Caucasian_0012 have been fixed.
Importing & exporting

Textures with a width and/or a height in excess of 16,384 pixels no longer cause a crash when importing/re-importing models.
Collada .DAE importer: Using the LiveSync function or the Lumion LiveSync .DAE exporter should now generate material names that are closer to the original material names in most supported 3D/CAD software. For example “.Floor(1) Lobby” in Revit will result in “.Floor(1) Lobby” in Lumion as well. Some 3D/CAD software does not allow the use of special characters and/or spaces when exporting files. In those cases, the characters are replaced by underscores.
The Lumion importer now checks the source of the Collada .DAE file. If the Collada .DAE file is from a trusted source, it is imported faster and consumes less memory. Trusted sources are as follows:
– The LiveSync Collada .DAE exporters.
– Any exporter that uses Open Collada, such as Blender.
– Any exporter that uses FBX Collada (Autodesk Collada), such as 3ds Max.
– SketchUp files (.SKP).

Localization: Slovakian is now included in Lumion.
If the Lumion installer finds a previous installation of the same version of Lumion, the installation path is now displayed.
The User Analytics function now counts the models that all users place in Scenes for statistical analysis.
Text fields no longer linger when closing windows in certain situations.

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