How to create a plan view in Lumion 9.5?

Straight plan views are usually something you create using Lumion but it’s possible. And it’s a great way to illustrate your projects together with the use of transparency in larger shrubs and trees, check out my plan :

There are a few different effects applied to this image, I normally like to lower the saturation of the images and a lower temperature just slightly. The important setting is the focal length at maximum.

Outline or carton effect to enfasise the layout of the design.

Sharpen the image.

Lower saturation and colder temperature.

Switch off the depth of field.

All this was using Lumion 9.5 Pro an amazing software that will take your garden design or landscaping business to the next level. I’m sharing the lme file of this effects with all my students from the online course Rendering Your Clients Dream Garden. If you want to learn more about the online course from Lumion or SketchUp visit my website

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